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World of Tanks – Epic war machines in more battles than a tank enthusiast could ever wish to take part in.

Tank Marvin

Give a man a gun and he’ll fight for a few battles; give a man a tank, and he’ll fight for as long as the tank is in commission. Not as pithy of an opening phrase as I would have liked, but the whole “give a man a fish” proverb doesn’t really apply to this specific scenario so I did the best I could. Regardless of inappropriate moulding of proverbs to situations that don’t apply, had this crazy idea that some people out there would enjoy the experience of a game that is focused entirely on battles fought with tanks over a series of servers in a multiplayer fashion. Their outlandish assumption that people would enjoy such a pastime has resulted in World of Tanks, a tank-based warfare game that is probably the best tank-centric war game that you have either played, going to play, or won’t ever play. Whether the thought of commandeering a tank and riding it about any one of 33 maps matched against 30 opposition players makes you thirsty for some shell accurate aiming and artillery fire, World of Tanks delivers this in-depth yet immediately enjoyable warfare title with finesse and confidence, resulting in a tank warfare simulation like no other.


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I think my ‘simulation’ description was a bit of an inaccurate label, since the game isn’t all about hyper-realism, and in fact sacrifices some realism for balance and fairness in the game. The gameplay is simply about playing with an unlocking up to around 160 tanks that are divided into 10 tiers, gaining experience and unlocking/upgrading your vehicles as you go. Battles are fought in an exclusively multiplayer fashion against enemies of similar class to you, with 15 vs. 15 matches fought across around 33 different maps in which you must use stealth, teamwork, skill, and adapt your strategy for each particular battle in order to emerge the victor, and also to not get blown up repeatedly. Your choice of tank can be adjusted for the situation, with light, agile tanks perfect for manoeuvring whilst heavier classes are capable of leading and protection a vulnerable set of tanks, taking heavy fire as it does. You might even get your hands on some self-propelled artillery, though this isn’t until you grind to the higher tiers.

Laughing All the Way to the Tank

You begin one Tier 1 tank from each nationality: German, British, Russian, French, American, and Chinese. From here, you must utilise these tanks in battles in order to gain experience and money that you can spend on upgrading your tanks slowly, unlocked higher tiers and therefore higher quality machines as you do so. Beginning a match takes you to a queue screen where you wait a negligible number of seconds for players to be matched up before you begin. Objectives are straightforward and always involve eliminating the enemy and/or capturing their base before they can capture yours. Battles aren’t long, drawn-out affairs, and the pace moves very quickly, making the game very enjoyable to play and never allowing you to dip into a sense of hopelessness at being absolutely massacred by a tank that is of a slightly higher level than you.

Tanks Apart

Rather than the painstakingly detailed and obsessive game that it appears to be in the adverts, World of Tanks is actually an instantly-accessible game that values a good, old-fashioned speedy progression through its early stages, right up until about tier 5-6. The downside to the game is that firstly, you will find yourself in a gruelling grind for levels after this, and secondly, the best things come to those who paid. That’s right, it’s a free to play game, but this instantly means that those who pay for better tanks and advantages have the upper hand. In spite of these setbacks, this is a title with some brilliant gameplay, excellent graphics (if a little demanding on your hardware) and some realistic (I assume, anyway) sounds. Bravo,


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