Castle Wars Game

Castle Wars is a Deceptively Fun Intro to Card Based Combat

Looking at the graphics for Castle Wars for the first time makes one thing that the developers had nothing better than MS Paint to work with. While the graphics are certainly sub-standard, the game itself is actually interesting. This card game pits two players' castles against each other. The cards will help determine what actions you can take and the main goal is to bring down your opponent's castle or make yours reach 100 points -while you prevent your enemy from achieving the either of the two goals. The end result is a clever card battle game that allows players to think carefully about their actions. Even at the lowest setting, the AI is designed to provide players with a decent challenge.

There are times when the sheer mechanics of a game can manage to carry the value fo the whole production. With the vapid visuals of Castle Wars, that notion certainly applies. We will not hold back on saying it: the graphics for this game is beyond amateurish. But fortunately, that is not the focus at all. While the visuals are not all that aesthetically pleasing, they are at least neatly made and easily understood, allowing players to focus on the more important part -the card game itself.

First time players of Castle Wars will find the lack of a decent tutorial surprising. And while the obligatory explanations may seem boring in most games, it would have made a difference in this one. In any case, it is not such a bad thing. Learning the ropes of the game is a simple of matter of fighting the computer a couple or so times. Of course, expect the computer to beat you the first time(s) around. Once you do get the hang of the game, it all becomes a matter of knowing which cards to prioritize.

The game is mostly focused on resource management -consumption and production. While it may not seem like a big deal at first, being able to bump up your production units early in the game helps you get a solid advantage over the opponent. That said; anything that reduces your production units will prove to be a severe handicap late in a match. This is a nice solid strategy, however, it is also the inevitable tactical ceiling of the game -no other strategy is better.

While we appreciate the fact that both you and the opponent will draw from the same pile of cards -it also means that there will be times when winning and losing becomes a matter of who gets luckier with their cards. In most cases, the player who manages to draw more production cards (builders, mages, recruits) tends to be the one dominating the round. This could be rather frustrating especially when playing the game at higher difficulties. By that same logic, some fights end up being easier than expected as the computer tends to be quite careless with moves when they draw bad cards.

The coolest part about Castle Wars is that it actually has an online component. While the number of players is not that many, expect to find a few challengers online to provide you with a more dynamic challenge than what you would get from facing off against the computer. You can also chat with the people you play with, making the experience more fun and engaging. Multiplayer is most definitely competitive, so players who would like a solid challenge will be sure to enjoy the online play features of the game. And on that note, we highly recommend newbies to practice with the computer a lot before attempting to accept challenges online.